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Taxonomisk information

Släkte: Taeniolella

Dyntaxa taxon-id 1008158
Taxonstatus Accepterat
Konceptdefinition Wijayawardene & al. (2018) together with many authors put this genus in Mytilinidiaceae, but we follow Ertz & al. (2016). Ertz & al. (2016): "Taeniolella s. str. is placed in the Kirschsteiniotheliaceae within Dothideomycetes, and the lichenicolous species sequenced so far are confined to the Asterotexiales (Dothideomycetes). Other saprophytic/endophytic Taeniolella species previously assigned to the Sordariomycetes based on sequences were found to represent either contaminants or species that cannot be assigned to Taeniolella for morphological reasons. The present study provides phylogenetic insights into the evolution of a genus of anamorphic fungi with highly diversified life-styles. The relationship of Taeniolella species to other saprobic, endophytic or lichenicolous genera deserves further investigation. Current molecular data were not sufficient to demonstrate anamorpheteleomorph relationships. This is especially the case of lichenicolous taxa belonging to the Asterotexiales, where a considerable molecular work remains to be done before the genera can be re-appraised. Moreover, a revision of Taeniolella based on phenotypic characters suggests that the genus can be regarded as more heterogeneous than our molecular data could highlight (Heuchert et al. in prep.). Therefore, we currently refrain from proposing any generic changes and redispositions for lichenicolous species, and prefer to maintain Taeniolella s. lat. until a much larger sampling is available for reassessment. We hope that the results obtained from the present work will trigger further molecular studies on Taeniolella and related groups.".
Kategori (rang) Släkte
Vetenskapligt namn Taeniolella S.Hughes
Trivialnamn -
Synonymer -
Delvisa synonymer (pro parte) -
Felanvändningar (auct.) -
Klassificering Rot Biota, Rike Fungi, Stam Ascomycota, Understam Pezizomycotina, Klass Dothideomycetes, Underklass Dothideomycetes, ordines incertae sedis, Ordning Kirschsteiniotheliales, Familj Kirschsteiniotheliaceae
Svensk förekomst
Svensk invandringshistoria
Skapades 2004-10-18 (Oskar Kindvall)
Senast uppdaterad 2018-08-01 (Stephen Manktelow)

Rekommenderade namn

Vetenskapligt Taeniolella S.Hughes


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Dyntaxa taxon-id: 1008158